Can We Say, “Coffee Anyone?”

My husband and I said our children drove us to drinking.  Coffee, that is!  We had 2 of our 3 children 15 months apart and as a result, we began craving that beautiful molten substance!

Now 12 years later, I am in love with my morning coffee.  So much so, that we created a special station in our kitchen just for brewing up that delightful morning rush.

It also happens to be one of my favorite little spots in our newly painted beauty!  I love the variations of white against the pops of black.

Coffee Station by My Life From Home
I recently added this cute little chalkboard from Home Goods to the mix and I added a little reminder to get our morning started right!


My “Cups for Days” rack from Magnolia Market is still one of my favorite purchases.  I love using it to display my collection of white mugs.


I've collected white mugs for a while and some of my favorites are the letter mugs from Anthropologie, the CHUG mug from Rae Dunn.  I even snuck in a Magnolia Market mug and when I drink from it, I feel just like JoJo on Fixer Upper!  Oh, but without the tv show, farm, business, beautiful hair and handy hubby.  Oh well, you have to start somewhere!

IMG_2156 IMG_2154

I love the view from the front door into my kitchen.  That rack!


How do you take your favorite brew?

I'm a cream only gal.

To life feeling like home!


  1. I’m a latte girl, myself 😉 Love your coffee station and your mug collection – especially that adorable owl mug! I have on of those Anthro mugs and it’s my fave.

  2. Maggie M says:

    P.S. JoJo has nothing on you girl, lol.

  3. Maggie M says:

    I love your coffee station! (Envy, envy, jealous). I wish I had the room in my kitchen for one….I take cream and sugar (usually sugar free vanilla Coffee Mate:)

  4. Can’t live without coffee! Your coffee station is perfect.

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