Christmas Card Prayer Ring & List Organization

This is the 2nd of my 5 goals for the month of January

I don't know about you, but I always felt bad throwing Christmas cards away. I guess I knew how expensive they are to make and how receiving one meant you were special enough to make the “list.”

Last year I came up with a way of enjoying them all the way through the year.

A prayer ring.

A very simple concept, but a way for our whole family to be involved in remembering our closest friends and family in prayer the year through.


First I hole punched each one in the corner then threaded them onto a book ring.



We then store the ring of cards in a cabinet drawer right next to our kitchen dining table. When we sit down for a meal together, we pull the ring out and pray for a family. Flip it over and it's then ready for the next meal. We usually talk a second about who the family is and how we know them. If it's someone the kids know well, they often ask to pray which makes my heart glow!

It's a very tangible way to remember those we love. We continue flipping through the ring and start over if we come to the end. You can never have too many prayers, right?

After the year is over, it's fun to look through the years cards once more as I build a new ring. At that time, the old ones are recycled, but it's fun to compare and see how everyone's kids have grown over the last year.


A great trip through memory lane!

My second mission was to organize my Christmas card list. This year, I had several cards returned due to wrong addresses and some which we no longer send too which needed removing from the list.

IMG_6801I do my labels on the computer,  so this is also my address book.

Knowing this was a project I wanted to complete, I kept all my envelopes and was able to update addresses and get my list up to date for next year, but also for my household binder that is yet to come.


Making the prayer ring and updating my Christmas card list was a simple project, but I definitely felt success with this one.

Sometimes the small projects are the ones you need to do the most to feel a bit more organized and happy.

To life feeling like home!


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