Sparkle & Denim

Today's outfit is super casual and fun. The sweatshirt is from J. Crew and was purchased some time ago, and unfortunately, I was unable to find it for you.  🙁


I love black but sometimes having it on the bottom instead of on top allows me to pull some color closer to my face which is much-needed in these winter months.  It helps me to feel a little bit brighter on a gloomy day!  The sequins are fun and make a basic sweatshirt a little more dressy without compromising the comfort.

These jeans from the Gap are distressed, but with patches sewn under the distressed areas so no skin is showing.  Better for 20-degree weather!


I paired the jeans and sweatshirt with a large gold watch and a black hobo bag to complete the look.


Comfort is high on the priority list when the weather gets colder.  I am learning that it can be achieved without looking like you just rolled out of bed.  Though that is so tempting, I find myself feeling more motivated and successful throughout the day if I make an effort to get up and put on an outfit and a little makeup.  There is definitely a learning curve to this staying at home business!

To life feeling like home!


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