Colorful Library Room Tour

Today I'm sharing with you the reveal of our colorful library room!

 I mentioned last week that I've been working hard on getting this library room space rearranged and freshly painted. It's definitely been a room that has seen a lot of change over the last 4 years.  I have probably rearranged this space a half a dozen times and never felt like it was quite right.  I think it took eyes from a good friend to assess the space and give me some suggestions!  Using her advice, I think we've finally got a room that I am thrilled to share with you today. Fresh eyes can be so helpful when you're stuck!


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Because the books in this space are so colorful, I wanted to keep the backdrop neutral.  With that, I painted out the mantel and the bookcases in the same as the wall color, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. It allows the background to blend seamlessly and the books are the focus instead. We updated our fireplace surround last year with new smart tiles, you can see this project here (LINK). The gray mantel blends much better with the new tile. 

We've been collecting books for years and most are thrifted or bought secondhand. I enjoy finding favorite titles along with classics and coffee table books on decor and local landmarks. 

Awhile back, I found this curved back sofa and have intentions of maybe trying my hand at reupholstering her.  She has beautiful bones and I love the curved legs and back. For now, a slipcover worked in covering up her outdated fabric.

One of the biggest desires for this room was to create a comfortable seating area in the middle of the room. The one item I was missing was a coffee table. The one I had before was way to small for this larger grouping of furniture.  I just happened to be out thrifting when I came across this large wood rectangular one that was the perfect fit and scale for the space.  Now all the seating areas can use it for a drink or to set a book down.  It also is a great space for decorating!

Because the seating area is now in the center of the room, I utilized the corners of the room for my desk, cabinets, and a grouping of plants.  The plants help to hide the electronics housed on the shelving like the printer, wifi booster etc.

In the winter, I enjoy working on puzzles. Behind the couch is a game table that folds out for puzzles or games and when I'm not using it for that function, it can be a console table. 

A brass cantilever lamp from Target (LINK) adds the right amount of light over the couch for reading or the table for working a puzzle. 


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