Creating a Small Vanity Space

Yesterday, I shared with you one of my goals this month; sorting and organizing my makeup.  Well, as it sometimes does, one project leads to another, and that is what happened with that one.  When I began organizing and sorting, I realized that I really wanted a space of my own to get ready at in the morning.   You may recall this photo from yesterday of our (hopefully someday made over) Master Bath.  My view while getting ready is less than pretty!  Until a remodel happens, I decided it was time to move myself out to the bedroom and create a space of my own.

I had this empty space in the bedroom where I was just waiting for the right idea (or piece of furniture) to come to mind.


We used to have a chair there, but moved it on the other side of the bed a while back to create a reading space there.  So this space was crying out for my new vanity space!

As I sorted and thought, I decided a lone antique console table in our office might be just the answer to this empty space.


I already had two chairs on order for this space and knew that when they arrive it may be too tight to fit the table in also.  So, I moved it upstairs and decided it did work for creating a small vanity area.


It was so fun styling it up!

I added a few pictures, a mirror I wasn't using, a tiny bud vase, and my new makeup tray.

IMG_7474_2 IMG_7475_2 IMG_7476


Since there are no drawers, I had to get creative with my hair things.  A small basket was repurposed as a hold all next to the table.

Everything is within perfect reach.


It could stand to be a bit bigger, but since it was all free and it gets me out of that horrible bathroom, I am rejoicing. 🙂

Lesson learned: Think outside the box with your furniture.  You just might find a new use for something!  Repurposing creates something unique to you and the unexpected makes your house feel just your own.

To life feeling like home!



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