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After a season of wearing a much smaller wardrobe, I realized that I definitely do not need all those items hanging in my closet which I didn't wear.  I intentionally kept some items in case my little experiment didn't work.  However, I feel confident now that if it wasn't worn this Fall/ Winter season, then I won't wear it next year.  With that said, I've been researching some resale options when I came across Twice.

Twice is a resale online service.  The way it works is quite simple and convenient.  You go online to their website and request a bag.  Once requested, you will receive a package like this one in the mail.

Clothing Resale Option

This is your selling kit.  Inside is directions on selling, a comprehensive list of brands accepted and your mailing package.

Clothing Resale Option Clothing Resale Option

At this point, over 350 brands are being accepted.  Here is what I had to sell.

1- New York & Co. blouse

5- J. Crew items: shorts, 2 tops, 2 sweaters

3- Gap items: blazer, 2 tops

1- Millia dress

1- Joes Jeans

1- Lululemon wrap top

1- Wallace (Madewell) sweater

This was a total of 13 items.

Clothing Resale Option

There are 3 steps to selling with a service such as Twice.

1. Drop your prepaid shopping bag in the mail.

2. Buyers will then evaluate your items and email you an offer within 1 week of its arrival.

3. You then review the offer on your account and accept for payment immediately.  Any items not purchased will be donated on your behalf or may be shipped back to you for a $5 fee.

They then style your clothes for immediate sale on their online shop.

I am looking forward to hearing how much I will earn with my first bag of clothes.  I will update you when I receive my offer!

Have any of you ever tried Twice or a similar service?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

To life feeling like home!


  1. kris says:

    Interesting – you’ll need to keep us posted.

    This might be a better option than Snooty Fox.

    Thanks for the tip –

  2. Rachel Miller says:

    Hi Amy! I always enjoy reading your blog! I have posted some items for Re-sale at
    I have three items posted on there now. A pair of Oakley sunglasses with the case, A Kenzie pea coat, and a pair of Enzo riding boots (new). This website takes 9% of the amount you offer and sends you a shipping bag when someone wants to buy your item. I have had no sales yet! Can’t wait to hear how much you get for your items! This sounds better than waiting for someone to BUY your item! I want them gone while they are still in style! Please keep me posted! Hope all is well!!

    • adowling2014 says:

      I will definitely let you know! I also have now heard about Thred Up which is similar to Twice. You may want to check them out also.

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