Easy DIY Gallery Artwork for Your Child’s Room

I came across something at Michaels the other day that changed my life.  Ha!  Doesn't everything at Michaels change your life?

Pre-made artwork for your child's room!

I had never seen this kit before and it was 50% off, total cost was around $8!  What a deal for a whole wall of art!

I love the look of gallery walls and there are so many cute sayings and quotes being shown now in design that would look especially cute hanging up in your child's room.  The problem I've had is often they are expensive to purchase or if I download them from my computer, they are not the highest of quality.  This solved all these problems in one book.

Take a look:


I love something that says frame it & hang- that I can do!


Inside, it gave you ideas for creating a gallery wall.


The art is super cute, heavy cardstock, and comes in sizes 4X6, 5X7, 8X10 or 8 1/2×11.  Perfect sizes for creating a variety of looks.


I have two girls so I am using some for each of their rooms.  Here is how easy it was to put a look together.


Here is some of them finished and hung.



After doing a little research on the product line, they also have chalkboard sayings, art for young boys, and gallery's for your home!  “faint” This just might be genius!



To life feeling like home!


Me & my BIG ideas gallery art

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    Super cute – might need to check this out –

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