Fall & Winter Simplified Wardrobe Tops & Sweaters

I thought I'd back up a second with the simplified wardrobe and show you over the next three days an easier view of what I have come up with as my basic wardrobe. I have put together three collections: tops and sweaters, bottoms and dresses, and shoes and accessories. Today I am showing you the tops and sweaters collection that I will be using to make up the outfits I will be posting about this fall. You may recognize a couple of the shirts and sweaters from my previous outfit posts. I have narrowed it down to these particular items. As you can see, they tend to be in the neutral categories: white, black, gray, and cream. I don't dislike color, but to mix and match outfits and make your clothes go farther, it is easier to stick with similar colors. For you, it may be navy's and brown's or red's and purple's. It's just your personal preference. I had a good jumping off point having already a lot of black, gray and white in my wardrobe, so I decided to use those pieces to start working my outfits from there.

I tried to find the most up to date links above for the pieces I am wearing. Since some of the items I have had for quite a while, several items are no longer in stock. 🙁 For those, I sent you links to similar items.

It's a long winter here in Ohio, so hopefully I'll find enough combinations to keep me excited without having to buy much more. I think by adding a cute scarf or necklace, it can change the whole feel of the outfit, so I should be fine. I do have a few other tops that I have not sold or given away. I put them in another side of my closet and they are kind of in a holding pattern for if I get bored or want a change. I'll let you know as we go along what happens with them.
Well, tomorrow you'll see the bottoms and the dresses.

Thanks for joining me on this journey to a simplified wardrobe! You can catch up on that idea here.

To life feeling like home!








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