Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


I ♥ this day!  Can you believe it's on a Friday this year! Eek, I can hardly contain myself.

One of my favorite childhood memories was being in our local Halloween parade every year.  I remember donning the plastic suit and masks that used to be our Halloween costumes growing up in the 80's!  My have costumes come a long way!  I have a Maleficent, a pirate and a Darth Vader in my house this year.  Here is a sneak peek of my youngest.  He already had the fun of trick or treating at my husbands office!  


When asked what his favorite superhero was, he responded with “All the bad guys!” He went all the way this year and is very excited about his “bad guy” costume.

We are hosting a Trick or Treat gathering tonight at our home, so I am planning on spending my day baking some Halloween treats and making a BIG pot of chili!  I'm going to try out some Pinterest projects that Emma and I have been eyeing.  We are looking forward to having friends over, enjoying a fire pit and a having a relaxing and fun evening. I only pray that the rain will hold off for just one night!  

I ♥ fall and all the fun decorating we get to do for this special season of the year.  I hope to enjoy these decorations for a few more days until packing them up and getting ready for the next crate of things to get unpacked.

Here is one last peek at what makes our home feel warm and festive this season.

Mums, ceramic jack a lanterns & pumpkinsIMG_5100IMG_5628Fire Pit, Smore's anyone?

Wishing you and your family a safe and fun Halloween!

To life feeling like home!


  1. Oh gosh—I’m SOOO gonna stalk you. I’d love to talk to you about your blog, I’m interested in learning about adowling… Never heard of it. I’m also putting together a Vintage blog, not sure if you’d like to contribute, or not…LOVE< LOVE your site…wish I had more time to chat… Don't let me forget to stalk you!! 🙂

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