My Favorite Farmhouse Finds on Amazon~ Round 2

Farmhouse style is easy to achieve with these handpicked items from Amazon.

I am an avid shopper on Amazon.  It's just so easy!  I set up a prime account, click to order, no shipping and bam it's on my doorstep.  Can't get much better than that!  I have used Amazon to buy just about anything I need from household items, books, craft supplies, and even home decor.

I shared with you last year a round up of my favorite farmhouse finds on Amazon.  I decided it was time to update that with round 2!  I love farmhouse style and there is something so wonderful about finding authentic farmhouse decor and antiques at flea markets and antique stores, however, there are some great farmhouse reproductions out there that make for great decor!  That way if you're like me, you can change out your decor frequently and not feel bad since you spent a whole lot less on it.

Even sifting through Amazon can be daunting, so I have taken the legwork out of it for you and compiled some of my favorites. Now, this is one stop shopping at it's finest!

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  1. olive buckets     2. Bread Box      3. Antique Metal X Back Chairs     4. Mug Drying Rack     5. Vintage Slate Chalkboard     6. Bakery Sign     7. Linen Striped Pillow Cover     8. Metal Cake Stand     9. Barn Light     10. Wooden Crates

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Affordable Farmhouse Finds Round 1


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  1. Isn’t it great how many varieties of stuff you can find on Amazon? I myself run a blog, recommending gears and tools to wannabe vloggers. Check it out if you want to. I’ll appreciate it!

    Oh! great guide by the way. I’m sure I’ll look up some of the things you’ve mentioned for my farmhouse. Especially those cute pillow covers oh!

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  3. Emily says:

    Love that cake plate and chalkboard easel!

  4. John says:

    I love Wooden Crates. These are really cute. I have Wooden Crate Boxes too. I am using them in my garage for storage on some shelving.

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