February Goals Wrap Up

To wrap up on February, (I can't believe it's over already!) I thought I'd do a quick update on the 4 goals I had for the month.  Here is the original post if you want to look back.  The following links will take you to the completed project posts.

1. Go through my make up

I have a horrible habit of seeing new colors of makeup at a drug store and impulsively buying them to later just end up in my drawer.

*I want to organize and get rid of old make up


This goal kickstarted my vanity project which I have been wanting to do for some time.  I enjoyed this transformation.

2. Add “green” to my home

*My house experiences the winter blahs this time of year and I want to add some “green” to it through live plants.


 I really got into this goal and here is the 2nd post on this topic!  My plants have been doing well except for one which is on the edge of dying, so I am hoping to keep it alive.  

3. Organize my purse

*It's a bottomless pit


I loved this project!  It really made a huge difference in the way I operate daily.

4. Begin planning for Spring/ Summer Simplified Wardrobe

*My hope is that warmer weather will soon be around the corner, so I need to again evaluate my wardrobe and see what I have and need for the season.


I didn't make quite as much progress on my wardrobe planning as I thought.  It was difficult getting in the mood of spring when snow was falling outside.  All I wanted to do was curl up by the fire!  I am going to continue working on this goal in March as well.

This month's post with the greatest traffic was Olivia's post on Homeless Blessing Bags Ministry.  If you missed it, you can catch it here.


I am working on those March goals and will be posting them soon.  In the mean time, do you have any particular goals you are working on?

To life feeling like home!



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