Games & Puzzles We Enjoy For Cozy Winter Days

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite games and puzzles that we enjoy during cold winter months.  

As we are bracing for the coldest week of the year, yikes, I am over here trying to keep us warm and toasty!  How is the weather where you are?  I hope you are safe and warm.

One of our favorite things to do during these long winter months are play games.  Grant has really enjoyed games lately and we've recently tried out some new ones that I thought I'd share.

Games & Puzzles for Those Cozy Winter Days

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One of our new favorites is Catan Junior. It's the junior version of the very popular Catan.  In this game, the goal is to set up 7 pirates lairs before your opponents.  Using resource cards, you build ships and lairs hiding from the Ghost Captain. It's a fun adventure for everyone.

Another favorite is Ticket to Ride Junior.  Another junior version of a popular board game, Ticket to Ride Junior players collect train cards, claim routes, and try to connect cities coast-to-coast. The game ends when one player completes six tickets, claiming the Golden Ticket as their prize.


We also enjoy some of these classic games, Trouble, Sorry, Battleship, and Checkers.

My older daughter's love to play Five Crowns.  If you haven't tried this card game, you definitely need to!


And for a fun family game using Alexa, we got When in Rome for a Christmas gift.  Using Alexa as your travel guide, she transports you across the globe for country trivia with real locals. Using categories such as food and language, two teams compete to make their way across the globe. It's fun and interesting for the whole family.


Personally, I enjoy a good puzzle.  There are so many beautiful ones to try.  I love nothing more than a cup of coffee and an hour to poke around with a puzzle. It may take several days to weeks to complete one, but that's the fun of it. Amazon has many beautiful ones to choose from.  I have started with 500 piece ones. You may need to give one a try! It's a great way to relax if you don't take it too seriously!


Another fun thing you can grab when you have an extra couple minutes are puzzle books.  Check out for a few minutes with a word search or a crossword puzzle and give your brain a little workout.


I hope this helps you find something fun and inspiring to pass these winter months! I would love any suggestions for games or puzzles your family enjoys!



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