Adding a Laundry Room Where There Wasn’t One!

In doing my last post with the one year update, I realized that I have never blogged about our new laundry room! 

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One of the changes we made when we moved in was adding a laundry room upstairs.  The laundry room was in the unfinished part of the basement and I was like, no way!  Getting creative with space we were able to add a small laundry room that works great for our family conveniently in the bedroom hallway.  

I think this project got lost in the mix because it was going on at the same time as the kitchen remodel.  With the excitement of that renovation, the laundry got the back seat.  I have taken this little space for granted this last year, but wow, it really has been a blessing.  I have never had a laundry room by the bedrooms and it truly is the best design decision.

The master bedroom suite was an addition to the home and the old master bedroom still existed in the front of the home.  As the old master, it had a very large bathroom with a separate tub, shower, and two separate vanities.  This room was given to our son when we moved in.  As a young man, we did not see any need for him to have such a large bathroom.  As a compromise to get our laundry room added, we were able to draw space from this bathroom by making it much smaller and adding a door from the hallway to create the room for the laundry.  



See that extra door on the right of the hallway where the picture is in the first picture?  The first door is the powder room and the new second door is now our laundry room space!

Let's take a look at what the bathroom looked like before.  Not only was it ugly, but when the shower was removed, we found a lot of mold in the wall board, so it was definitely good to get it out of there!

We removed a whole lot of that bathroom to create the space we needed and closed it off to give a Grant a much smaller bathroom space with just a shower, sink, and toilet.  But, you know what, that's all he needs!

Adding a Laundry Room in the Bedroom Hallway


As you can see from the gut job, that it was a lot of space!  We hired our favorite local contractor to do the work for this space.  Message me if you are local and would like his contact information.  He has done numerous projects for us.

As you can see, we added the wall and on the other side is Grant's new small bathroom. For the laundry room, we decided on this gorgeous Menza Gray tile from Home Depot for the flooring. It's a small space and adding a graphic punch for the floor makes the space a bit more stylish and fun. We used the same tile as a backsplash in our wine and beverage nook in our kitchen.

We have a doorway! 

The walls were painted, Alpaca by Sherwin Williams. Our washer and dryer fit perfectly. It's not a large space, but just enough to get the job done.  You'll see I added a couple of floating shelves above for storage and decorations.  It also helps to hide the plugs and cords.

There is no natural light, so I did my best getting you some pictures of this new space.

laundry room- small space laundry- adding a laundry roomlaundry room- adding a laundry room- small space laundrylaundry space- small laundry space- laundry decor- ideas for a laundry room spacelaundry room- small space laundry room- small laundry laundry room- small space laundry room- small laundry- laundry room decorlaundry room- small space laundry room- laundry room decor- adding a laundry roomsmall space laundry room- laundry room- adding a laundry room- laundry room decor

I added this folding clothes hanger (LINK) to the wall for hanging clothes to dry.  It's great for a small space because it folds up against the wall!

small space laundry- laundry room ideas- laundry room decor- adding a laundry room

I made this cute personalized sign at our local Board and Brush studio.

small space laundry room- laundry room ideas- small laundry room- laundry room decor

I hope this inspires you to think outside the box when it comes to remodeling and to use each and every inch you are given!




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