Garden Carts~ It’s Not Too Late To Start!

I just got my summer garden going a couple weeks ago, and even this week added a tomato plant, so haven’t started yet? You’re not too late!

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I bought a garden cart this year which is an easy method to dip your foot into gardening if you’ve never done it before. Mine is an elevated cart on wheels with a drainage hole and a shelf on the bottom to store supplies.
The size makes it conducive to small plantings such as herbs, lettuce, and peppers with the ability to do under soil items like carrots and onions.
This year, I started with herbs such as Basil, Oregano, Cilantro, Rosemary, and mint. I also added three pepper plants. I started getting carried away and added a cucumber and a tomato plant each in their own separate pot.
I love the cart because I don’t have to bend over to water and care for it, it’s mobile, manageable to keep up and can be put just about anywhere.

Unfortunately it looks like mine is out of stock, but I rounded up a bunch of similar ones below.

Raised Wicker Garden BedRaised Garden Bed

Raised Garden BedWood Raised Garden Bed

Farmhouse Garden Planter
Farmhouse Garden Planters

Raised Garden Cart with Shelf
Raised Garden Cart with Shelf

Galvanized Garden Cart
Galvanized Garden Cart

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Do you like to garden? If so, I’d love your tips!



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  2. Hey Amy, I have also purchased a garden cart but I was not aware of how to use it. After reading your blog, now it is easy for me to do gardening in a fun way. Keep sharing!

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