South Carolina~ Harbor Island, Beaufort & Charleston

We took a week and visited the low country area of Beaufort, Charleston, and the islands of South Carolina.

It's been awhile!  I have to say this whole stay at home/ quarantine with COVID-19 really threw me through a loop.  One day, we were going on just as normal and the next, school was closed and a homeschool teacher I became once more.  I have spent the last two months hunkered down just like you, homeschooling and cooking meals!  It has been a good experience to spend such quality time with my family but so much has happened in our world that makes it trying on even the most flexible of people.

I have continued to be active on Instagram, but somehow the blog got a backseat! I've missed communicating with you all and am happy to say I am back to blogging.  

We recently took our family for a week long vacation to social distance at a new location, Harbor Island, South Carolina.  It was a beautiful low country island of houses with golf carts about a half hour from Beaufort.  

South Carolina, Harbor Island

We enjoyed a day trip into Charleston, kayaking, a visit to College of Charleston for my oldest daughter, and meals and boutique shopping in Beaufort. The homes in both cities are charming southern style homes with big wide porches and lovely gardens.  Perfect inspiration for my summer outdoor efforts!

College of Charleston Charleston Homes Charleston Homes Charleston Homes Charleston Homes

 The nearby Hunting State Park had a wide clean beach with just the right amount of waves for my son who enjoys jumping them and wakeboarding. 

South Carolina Hunting Beach

The island sunsets were stunning and something not to miss!

Sunset on South Carolina

Even the marsh lands were beautiful and full of birds and fun critters to watch.

Without a doubt, it was a fun getaway for our family and time we will cherish! 
Have you been?

South Carolina




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