Gift Guide for that Non-Handy Man

I love my husband, but he is not very handy!  Whereas you may be shopping for a tool or a ripsaw for your husband, my husband would frown and ask me why in the world would he want that!  We all have our talents and gifts, and Greg's ain't tools.  His idea of being handy is delegating.  I do have to say, he is really good at that!

So, if your husband is anything like mine, you may need today's gift guide.  These are pretty much all the gifts I have bought Greg over the course of the last several years.  And you know what?  He loves them all and uses them all the time.  So, I thought I'd compile this guide for your non-handy man.  I can't guarantee his happiness, but I can guarantee he'll know what to do with any one of these. 

Right now, I'm trying to come up with something not on the list for this year, so if you have something, let me know!

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Jord Wood Watch   You can read all about how I am getting my husband a Jord Wood Watch for Christmas in this post.

Tommy John Cool Cotton Tank Undershirt   My brother introduced us to these undershirts.  My hubby LOVES them, they keep their shape (think spandex for women), are comfy, and long enough to stay tucked in.  They are sleek and work well with suits.  Greg is getting 3 more for this Christmas!

Whiskey Stones I bought these last Christmas.  Greg loves a good bourbon and these you keep in the freezer and pop in your drink to instantly give it a chill.

Handcrafted Beer Bottle Holder This is a perfect gift for a beer lover.  He can load it with a six-pack and take it to the next tailgate.

Minnetonka Men's Slipper   You can't go wrong with this slipper.  They are comfy and stylish.

Northface Beanie   Greg runs so he has this beanie for his early morning jogs when it's cold and it also looks good when skiing or any outdoor activity.

Tile Mate   We just got these because we have a habit of losing our keys or leaving our wallet at restaurants.  These slip into thin places and allow you to track your missing item from your phone.

Valet Box   Greg wears a lot of watches and cufflinks, so this nice valet is a way to keep them organized.

Roots Leather Wallet  This leather and canvas wallet is slim and has plenty of room for cards and bill.

Herschel Backpack   I got Greg this backpack so he would have something to carry his work items back and forth.  He walks from a garage to work, so this is easy to throw over your shoulder.

Baseball Adventures Pin Push Map  This is hanging in our basement.  Greg collects sports memorabilia and this is a nice way to keep track of all the baseball stadiums he's visited.

NFL Pint Glasses  These glasses can be ordered with your husband's favorite team!

To life feeling like home!


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