Home & Living #13~ Dining Room Inspiration, A Fun Card Game & A New Coffee Table Decor Book

Welcome to Home & Living Week 13

I’m back for another week of Home & Living inspiration to kick off your weekend!

  I hope you enjoy dreaming with me each week as I bring you along to some beautiful homes with the most amazing cottage and vintage influences. In addition, decor, style, and lifestyle ideas that will inspire you!

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Fun Things This Week

We had our first adult Halloween gathering this last weekend and really had a blast dressing up and seeing all our friends in costumes.  A last minute add to our Halloween decor was this gorgeous black lace tablecloth from Amazon (LINK). I loved that it had a Halloween vibe but still was classic. If I ever need a black tablecloth for something else, I can use it again other than just for the holiday.

We wrapped up our night with a new to me game called, Who's Most Likely To (LINK) There are prompt cards you read aloud and then as a group you vote on who you think is most likely to do/ say whatever is on the card.  It was perfect for a large group and we had so many laughs.


I just bought the most gorgeous decor coffee table book, A Tale of Interiors by Emily Ward & Catherine Pierce (LINK).  The interiors in this book are complete eye candy.  It not only is beautiful to read but the cover will look great in a book stack display! Highly recommend it!

We are looking ahead to the holidays and about to make some changes in our dining room.  I am lucky that this space right off our kitchen gets a lot of natural light with a great view of our courtyard.  It is currently painted Alabaster by Sherwin Williams which is my go-to white.  I love it, but am wanting a change. My inspiration is this blue dining room below. What do you think?

Source: RainsfordCompany.Com; Hague Blue dining room by Cindy McKay (LINK)

Weekly Instagram Inspiration 

This week I was stopped in my tracks by Lauren Liess (LINK) on Instagram. She's a must follow. This living room has the perfect fall decor inspiration.

Source: Instagram, Lauren Liess (LINK)

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  1. Beautifullllllllll! i really love your decor and all the things are awesome, just amazing, Thanks for sharing us.

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