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I have had the hardest time finding an organizational solution for my jewelry!  I ♥ jewelry.  With the exception of a few pieces, my jewelry is mostly costume jewelry which I can replace with new pieces when I'm tired of them.  I believe that jewelry can truly make clothing into an outfit.  So…. confession time…. I have quite a bit.  I did simplify my jewelry when I went through my closet organization and actually realized because it was thrown in a drawer that I actually had some I really liked but hadn't been wearing.  I sorted through all and gave some of the pieces I no longer wear to a friend.  What I was left with (still quite a bit), was a more manageable amount.

Now to organizing it.  I like having a spot for my jewelry in my closet.  This works for me because everything is in one spot and I can mix and match with the clothing I have right in the same space.  I am very much a visual person, so I also like things out in the open where I can see them.  If it is in a drawer or box, I probably won't think to grab it and wear it.  Have you ever been to a store like Charming Charlies? I love how they display their items by color and everything is so visually appealing!  Well I decided to take a few pointers from them. I purchased from a jewelry supply store the supplies I needed and got to work.  Here is the process I utilized.

1. Sort and get rid of pieces no longer wanted.

2. Purchase storage pieces: I ordered them from this website:

3. Organize pieces by type (all necklaces together, bracelets together, earrings together etc.)

4. Organize by metal (gold or silver)

5. Organize by style (long necklaces together, short necklaces together)

6. Display.

Here is how it turned out.

IMG_5803 IMG_5804


For earrings and watches, I keep them together in a drawer.  All watches together and then gold earrings and silver earrings separated into compartment trays.  They do sell stands to hold earrings, but I thought it would be easier to keep them in a drawer then have to take them in and out of the holes on the stand each time I wore them.

I have two small dishes that I use.  One is a ring holder that my daughter made me.  I use that one for my wedding ring only. The other was given to me by a close friend and I use it for my go to earrings and rings.

I ♥ how it looks!  I smile now every time I go in my closet.  It looks pretty and is super functional since everything is right where I can see it.

Here are some other jewelry storage ideas you may like.



To life feeling like home!


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  3. Leslie Caudell says:

    Wow! You do still have some left! Glad to have inspired you! It looks great. I appreciate all your help with mine!

  4. itsallaboutsonia says:

    looks great tidy mind now I’m sure. looks like shop love it

  5. Melisa says:

    wow love this, such a great idea 🙂 Mel

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