More Resale Options: ThredUP Online Resale & Tradesy

Ok, so you know I tried Twice last month and was a bit disappointed with the amount of clothes they did not take.  I decided not to give up on this idea of resale and instead try again, but this time with another online resale source called ThredUP.  ThedUP is very similar to Twice in the way they operate.  I requested a bag and then filled it up and sent it away.

Here is their website.

Clothing Resale Options

Here is the breakdown of what I sent.

Clothing Resale Options

4- J. Crew

1- Gap


1- Anthropologie

1- Cabi

1- Boden

A total of 9 items.

Another, site I have recently purchased something from and then decided to list some items with was Tradesy.  This is another online resale source, but instead of paying you money up front, you list the item and then when it is purchased from someone, you send it off and are paid by Tradesy.

I completed a profile and listed 4 items. To list is completely free.  A small fee is then taken by Tradesy when your item sells.

Here were the listed items.

Clothing Resale Options

A Gap dress which you saw in my Fall/ Winter Simplified Wardrobe.  I wore it to two events this winter and I know I will want something new for those same two events next year.

Clothing Resale Options

A Boden tunicClothing Resale Options

A mustard tank from LushClothing Resale OptionsA Love Stitch Ruffle Tank

With this site, you will be responsible for shipping the item to the person who purchases, but Tradesy will provide you with a shipping bag when that time comes.

This site along with ThredUp are also great places to shop.  My new spring flip-flops, Tori Burch, were purchased on Tradesy.  They were a steal at $38.  Can't wait to wear them!


I am waiting to hear back and will let you know when I find something out from ThredUP or items sell on my Tradesy.

To life feeling like home!


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