Spring & Summer Wardrobe Tops

I've been dropping hints for a while that I've been working on my Spring & Summer Simplified Wardrobe.  Well, I am finally finished!  Phew.  Since I had not touched any spring/ summer clothes for a whole season, there was a whole lot shoved in the back of the closet.  This project was a major undertaking.  As you've been reading, I've been doing a lot of clearing out to make room in the closet.

Today is the day I am finally ready to share.

Here goes!  Your first look at my Spring & Summer Wardrobe Tops.

Here are the links on Polyvore to access information about all of these pieces. Some I have collected over time, many are Stitch Fix items I received and a few pieces I recently purchased to complete the wardrobe.
Thoughts on this collection:
1. More Color!!  Hooray.  With spring and summer I am ready to infuse more color into my wardrobe.  Still a lot of black and white, but I also brought in some blues, pinks & oranges.
2. I have more items than I did in the Fall/ Winter wardrobe.  I had a lot more in my closet to sort through and get rid of.  I found that I had some really great tops that I just didn't want to part with and you know, I don't have too just to prove a point, right?
3. I am very excited about the outfits I think can be created from these tops.
Tomorrow, I'll share my Bottoms & Dresses Simplified Wardrobe.
Any thoughts on any of the items?  I'd love to hear what you think.

To life feeling like home!


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