Moving Update & My New Favorite App, Waterlogue

Thought I better give you a little update on our moving announcement. We are officially under contract and I couldn't be happier. After 1 week on the market, it sold! Yay! The inspection was just completed and we are waiting to hear back, but things are progressing nicely. If all continues well, we will be moved in to our new home by November 20th.
I think the thing that I'm most delighted about is that I hear the new owners love all of our updates and design. It makes leaving our special home a little easier knowing that it will be loved by an all new family! Now the hard part begins…. packing. ?
Since I'm a sentimental person (clearly), I've been looking for a way to remember our home with a keepsake. I came across this app called Waterlogue. For a small download fee, you can upload any photograph you want and right before your eyes, you can watch it being transformed into a watercolor!
I uploaded a picture of our home and presto, a beautiful watercolor rendition was born. I emailed it to myself and I plan to print it on cardstock and frame. I think it will be a nice way to capture our home!
This isn't a sponsored post, I just couldn't keep this good thing to myself! You may want to check it out yourself and explore the different settings. I plan on doing one of Irving soon also.

Home- Exterior- craftsman- farmhouse style Photo by Justin Sheldon PhotographyIsn't it cute? What photo would you capture in watercolor?

To life feeling like home!


  1. Pam says:

    Thank you for this!! We, too, are in the midst of a move, and I will love having a watercolor print of our previous house. What a sentimental treasure. We are moving into our new home in a couple of weeks. Your home is gorgeous,by the way! The new one must be a stunner to take you away from this one! Glad to have found your great blog.

  2. Ivory says:

    The waterlogue picture is fabulous. I would love this of our home

  3. Congrats on the sale! We aren’t surprised at all…your home is gorgeous! We too love Waterlouge and are obsessed! It’s so much fun to play with photos. Good luck with packing. Our advice – start with the kitchen, it takes the most time to pack. Hugs and Best wishes!

  4. Cornelia says:

    Wonderful News ? I just love the way the watercolor picture of your house! I will definitely have to check out the app and thank you for sharing.

  5. Lydi says:

    They really lucked out! I love the Waterlogue app too!

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