My Favourite Amazon Fall Finds of 2022

Fall is the best time of year—it's when you get to decorate your house and enjoy the cooler weather. Here are my favourite Amazon finds of the season so far.

Pampas Grass

Adding those perfect neutral fall tones to your home for the season, but without going OTT “Halloween” with oranges and purples. Pampas grass is great for adding texture to any room and is an easy, long life alternative to flowers.

Magnetic Door Stoppers

We used these when we got our flooring replaced throughout the downstairs. Not only do they stop doors from swinging too far open, but they hold them in place once they are open. Perfect! Plus they are peel and stick, so installing them was a piece of cake.

Lined Napkins for Gatherings

Why lined napkins are a must-have for fall gatherings

  • They're more festive than plain white ones.
  • You can mix and match them with your patterned tablecloths or placemats, allowing you to switch up the look of your table without having to buy new sets all the time.

How to use lined napkins for fall gatherings

  • Line them up at every place setting so guests know where they're sitting and don't have to worry about checking their name cards before sitting down. It's also helpful if you have kids who are prone to wandering at the dinner table or even just need a little extra space when eating certain foods (read: spaghetti).

These ones we couldn't resist.

Frog Tape for Masking Paint

Have you ever painted the trim in your house, only to find that once it was all dry and done, you’re left with a faint outline of the tape on the walls? We sure have. It's enough to make us want to throw our hands up in frustration (though we'd probably just lay them on our hips and give an exasperated sigh instead). Frog Tape has solved this problem by creating a masking tape that leaves no residue behind when removed. This means you get a clean paint job every time—and no need for another round of painting! It saved my sanity throughout my last DIY project.

A Home to Share: By Leslie Saeta

Currently available for pre-order, the new book by Leslie Saeta, a dear website client of mine. I am very excited to get my hands on this one when it is released.

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