Quick Living Room Cushion Refresh

So I know I'm new here, and I know I haven't done any form of home tour yet. But please bear with me; the place is a mess! I plan on sharing parts of rooms at a time as, frankly, the place is an embarrassment right now, and taking you through it all would just be highly shameful! *monkey hiding eyes emoji*

For now, I'd like to share a really simple update I've made in the living room that I feel just elevates it. We previously had these mustard-colored IKEA cushion covers. Made from a faux velvet type material. They did the job for a few years. But to be honest, since baby #1 came along, they have quickly gotten stained and worn down. It was time for a refresh, and I wanted something a little more subtle that matched our Boråstapeter wallpaper and sofas a little better.

Yellow mustard IKEA cushion covers on a blue sofa

This next part sounds crazy as I've just mentioned that our yellow cushions were getting stained, so I went ahead and bought ones with a white base, when it's only 2 months until baby #2 gets here… But here me out. They have a blue / brown watercolour pattern on them. I find patterns like this are fantastic for hiding stains and spills as they just look like they below.

Bet you don't want to sit down in my house now, right?

After hours of searching the internet, I fell in love with a beautiful Versace cushion cover. But as if I was going to pay £650 per cover. Nope! The next result was these beautiful (and very similar-looking ones) for only £2 each from Shein. Normally I'm not a Shein purchaser, but I figured for a grand total of £6 – which included shipping – I need to give them a try. And honestly, they are exactly what I am looking for. They brighten the space and make it feel a lot cleaner. Plus, they match the wallpaper and the navy blue of the sofa rather well.

Shop the Shein cushion covers here:

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