A New Face & A New Name

Hello all! Last week I came across Amy selling her blog “White Cottage Home and Living”, and I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to enter the blogging scene. She was so wonderfully friendly with the whole transaction and just a lovely lady to work with! I'm excited to take her baby and turn it into something of my own.

A few of you might be thinking “wait a minute, I know you from somewhere”. And you would likely be correct. I'm Gillian – the owner of the blog design company Gillian Sarah. Looking through the audience of this blog I can see a lot of familiar faces.

As someone who is so familiar with the industry, and more importantly, someone who actively teaches how to monetize your blog, I felt it was time to not only teach, but actively do. Even if it's just to back up the existing points I make.

Gillian Owner of My Life From Home

Now you might be wondering, why would I buy an existing blog instead of just starting one from scratch? I mean that is a great question, and one I have a lot of answers for:

Domain authority.

As a blogger for 8 years, Amy has built up a lot of trust with Google. Her original domain has a very high authority ranking. This means it will be much easier to get posts to rank higher on search engines, and sponsors will be much more open to collaborating and getting their names and links onto a trusted site.

Social Media.

Amy has done a great job of building up her Instagram and Pinterest over the past few years. Anything that means I don't have to start from scratch in that area is good with me!

Existing Content.

I'm one of those people that if you give me a blank piece of paper, I will just stare at it for weeks. I knew if I didn't have a blog with content on it, I'd put so much pressure on myself about making my first post perfect, that I would just never get to it. This existing content also gives a lot of opportunities to monetize the site from day 1 with affiliate links.


Yes, I said pressure. As someone who builds websites for a living, it's really no bother for me to create a gorgeous site, I do it every day. Buying a website means I'm paying money for it. So I HAVE to do something with it. If I built if from scratch I would likely just say “oh that's lovely!” and then move on and forget it exists. But buying a website instantly puts me in the mood to earn back my investment and work hard on it.

Let's talk about the name. You all likely know this blog as “White Cottage Home & Living”. As much as I wish I lived in a white cottage, I don't. I live in a new build, in a housing development in the Scottish countryside. Luckily, as some of you may remember, this blog used to be called “My Life From Home”, so I've made the switch back to fit more with what my brand aesthetic will be.

I am starting a new journey, so please be patient with me if the blog is lacking or not as good as it was before. After all, I am by no means a professional writer, and I'm CERTAINLY NOT a professional homemaker (if you know you know). Come along on this new journey with me and please bear with me while I settle in!

My Life From Home New Showit Blog Design

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