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We decided to use our house color as the jumping off point for our black and white outdoor space!

It’s the fifth (and final!) week of our summer series called, Room by Room. In this series, you are going to have the opportunity to take a peek into different rooms in our home each week this summer.  While visiting those spaces, we hope to share some of our favorite projects already completed, what’s on our to-do list for that space and give you tips to make the most of that room in your own home.  This is a team effort, so no matter what your style, there’s a blogger for you to visit and gather inspiration from.  All their spaces are linked at the bottom, so be sure to scroll all the way down and visit their rooms.  If you want to look back on last year’s Room by Room series, you can find all the rooms I covered in this Organized Office post.

Our Black and White Outdoor Space

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I think you’ve seen very little of the outdoor areas of our new home, mostly because they’re a hot mess, but today I’m giving you a peek and will fill you in on some of our projects we hope to do in the near future!  We really had some beautiful spaces to enjoy our backyard in our last home but I am trying to remind myself that it didn't all happen overnight!  It took years to get landscaping, lighting, and all the special touches in place.  I know that this home has huge potential with a large patio and pool, so I am trying to be patient.  

Our current patio has ample room for dining and entertaining.  Our teak dining table and conversation set fits well and helps to create two separate spaces. Using our house colors of white and black as our jumping off point, we decided to change out cushions on our teak furniture for black and white striped ones.  I looked everywhere for affordable options, but due to the unusual size of our furniture, it was most economical to choose a fabric and have them recovered by a seamstress.  I really love how they turned out!

To continue the striped theme, I found umbrellas and chair cushions for our dining chairs at At Home.  

For the pool area, I would eventually like to get four chaise lounge chairs.  We currently have one and everyone fights over it!

There is a weird area to the side where a tree was planted right in the concrete.  The plan for that area is a fire pit which we hope to have in by fall.  I think that will make our space usable far into the next season which is exciting.

One problem solved was to the left of the pool is a concrete extension pad behind the garage. I love the extra space for cars, but I did not want to look at it when swimming and enjoying our yard.  We had six large shrubs put in last month and they help to conceal that area and create a natural barrier.

One of my favorite projects this summer was my Outdoor Succulent Wreath (Link)

Outdoor succulent garden wreath- living wreath- grapevine wreath- hanging pots- succulents- outdoor- decor-garden- wreath with pots- plants- painting teracotta po

The front of the house has a whole set of challenges of its own and we are hoping to tackle some of the landscaping out there in the fall.  So, lots to do, but we will get there!  

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Now it's time to see some other inspiring spaces!

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To life feeling like home!




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  2. It looks fabulous. What a difference. So bright and cheerful now.

  3. Kati says:

    You have such a great space! Love those black & white striped cushion. Cant wait to see how you finish the rest.

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