Simple Flower Arrangement Using Grocery Store Flowers

 I always love the look of fresh flowers around the house.  When I do buy them, I never do anything other than sticking them straight in a vase.  That's where my knowledge of flower arranging ends.  I decided to change that and I am going to teach myself (and thus you) how to make some super simple arrangements with just grocery store-bought bouquets.

For this arrangement, I used a simple milk glass flower-pot I had on hand at home.  Anything square and opaque would work.

IMG_9519IMG_9520Using a wet foam flower block (not the same as one for artificial flowers), I cut it in half, let it soak in a bowl of cold water until fully absorbed and then pressed it into the pot.IMG_9521The flowers I chose were two different shades of the same variety.IMG_9522I started by picking off all the leaves and cutting the stems to about 2 inches from the bloom.

Then you begin pressing the stems into the foam, forming one row all around and then the second row.  Lastly, fill in the middle with 2 or more stems to fill in any gaps.IMG_9527 I decided to go with every other one a different shade. IMG_9528 IMG_9529IMG_9563Super simple and oh so beautiful.  In total, 2 bouquets from the grocery store and a free vase.  This arrangement cost around $10.

Every time I look at it, I smile. 🙂


How to make a grocery store bouquet look like a professional did it! by

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  1. Sinziana says:

    I love flower arangements and I love making these for my home…although is simple, your “flower design” is so pretty and beautyful.

  2. I never even knew such a thing as a flower block existed! Thanks for sharing this fab tip on how to arrange flowers! Your arrangement looks great 🙂


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