Spring & Summer Wardrobe Bottoms & Dresses

Yesterday was the tops & sweaters, so today is the bottoms and dresses.  You will see I have added some skirts.  Though I don't wear skirts too often in the fall and winter, I do like to throw on a casual skirt in the summer.  

I was excited to add my cream flare jeans and my white jeans to the mix.  I also purchased the pink pair for something fun and different.

The paper bag skirt (black), I bought from J. Crew years ago and still love it. Same with the Lilly dress and Boden skirt.  They add a ton of color to my closet.

Paired with all those fun tops from yesterday, I think we are looking at a promising spring and summer wardrobe!

Now if the weather would only warm up so I could wear all this!

To life feeling like home!


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