Summer Mud Room Refresh

We invested in a mud room last year, moving from a dual purpose laundry/ mud room space to separate spaces.  I absolutely love having individual spaces for both things, but in order to be real with you guys, you need to see what a normal day in the mud room has looked like lately. 

IMG_0258 IMG_0257 IMG_0256

Yikes.  Not the organized space I started with, so I decided it was time to get it prepped for summer and cleaned up.  It might not bother me as much if it had a door to close it off, but it doesn't, so it's wide open to the rest of the house.  Every time I look down the hall, I see a mound of shoes outside the shoe bin (not sure why that happen's?) or pool towels thrown on the floor.  Shoes are everywhere in this house!  Is it the same in your homes?  I guess it's just too difficult to lift up the lid of the shoe bin to put your shoes away, sigh!

I can't blame it all on the kids and husband though, I can see from the above pictures that I have a problem with multiple purses hanging around!

Ok, so it was time to get rid of the boots and winter coats and find storage elsewhere for them.  Move over winter, it's summer and we are all about the pool!


I think that's the thing about spaces, their function can change as the seasons change and it's ok to move things around and change them up to accommodate your life style in that season.  For us, we frequent our neighborhood pool across the street, so we use our mud room as a holding space for toys, towels etc.

First I purged out the coats and moved them down to a closet in the basement.  Next, I organized the pool items into bags and put together a bin for sunscreen and goggles.  Now all our sunscreens are in one place and we don't have to hunt everywhere for them. Also, we always need an endless supply of goggles and sunglasses since they get lost or left behind, so I put them all in a sand bucket and stuck it right down in the bin.  We can now throw a sunscreen in the bucket and pull it out and take it with us!


A little label from my silhouette machine made the pool tub look extra cute!


I designated a space to hang our pool bag and wet towels when we come in from the pool.


By clearing out winter and organizing summer, I am able to again look down the hall and smile when I look at my mud room.  Little projects are sometimes the best.

Oh, and hopefully we can start putting our shoes in the shoe bin!

What are you doing to refresh a space for summer?

To life feeling like home!



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