Think Mobility When Designing a Space

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Many of you know that we just got back from an amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip to South Africa.  Coming back after more than two weeks gone got me thinking about what it would be like to just pick up whenever you want too and head out on a road trip or tropical vacation.  With so many things to think about prior to leaving our home, it was almost a miracle that we got away when we did!  Between sports, home care, pets, and worrying about all our “stuff” being ok while we were away, it was definitely more stressful to leave than I expected.  It got me thinking of what it might be like to just pick up and go whenever we wanted.  Drop everything and relocate on a whim or live that kind of life where you aren't tied down.  Maybe an RV or a temporary apartment in some exciting city!  it's kind of scary, but also exciting at the same time.  How would you feel about that flexibility?

Obviously, we aren't able to do that kind of adventure right now in our life, but it did get me thinking of ways right now that we can make our life a little easier and mobile. I love to think about our lives being a little more simple with less “stuff” getting in our way!  I know, it sounds weird coming from the more is more in the decorating department kind of gal!  But stick with me a moment and let's dream a little of what this kind of life might be like.

Tips for Living a More Mobile Lifestyle

Tip 1~ Clear the Clutter

Despite what it may look like from pictures you’ve seen of my home, I have spent a lot of time in the last few years clearing out the clutter.  I did a major purge again recently when we tackled our master bedroom and bathroom remodels and it is always a relief to see the excess go!  Definitely don’t hang on to things “just because you might need it someday, ” instead, consider that a sure sign that you won’t and pass it along to someone who will.

Tip 2~ Simplify your spaces

Our recent master bedroom is a good example of this.  We literally created an oasis without using a lot of stuff.  Really a space should only be filled with things you love and use.  

Tip 3~ Multifunctional Pieces

Use multifunctional furniture and pieces throughout your home to increase storage and function. Baskets are perfect examples of pieces that can store and organize your home, but also serve as decor pieces.  Furniture such as stools can be used as a footrest, storage, and an extra seat when needed.

Tip 4~ Downsize Your Activities

Can't pick up and head out on that adventure because of all those planned activities?  I'm so guilty of being overscheduled, but I am definitely going to work on downsizing my calendar and freeing up my time to just live more in the moment.  Take that trip, go on that bike ride, or just simply breathe a little! Less time spent maintaining and more time spent doing is a lesson I am slowly but surely hoping to put into practice.

Tip 5~ Rent What You Need

Yep.  Furniture rental is the perfect solution when you need something only temporarily.  CORT Furniture Rental is perfect for less hassle.  Get what you need and when you are done, you can send it back!  Need an extra bedroom for a few months while those visiting guests are here? You can rent furniture and change your space when those guests have moved on,  Or for those who decide to live that adventure, you can pick up and move to that tropical local without a worry!  Rent what you need and send it back when you are done!

We all may not be able to live a totally mobile lifestyle, but maybe these tips will help your home be a more beautiful and adaptable place to live. I know this is all easier said than done when you are a mom with kids, but kids can also be trained to help out with this practice.  Start with having them each purge their rooms.  Getting into the practice of doing these above tips on a more regular basis should free up some of the pressure we put on ourselves and maybe just maybe that next adventure will be a more realistic option.

To life feeling like home!


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  1. Linda Smith says:

    These are such great tips! So glad you had an amazing trip!

  2. Emily says:

    I was shifting around my seasonal decor this weekend and thinking some similar things – I think I’m overdue to purge some the home accents I’ve bought over the years just because I felt like I had spaces to fill.

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