Travel Necessities~ Carry-On MVP’s for a Long Flight

Hello from the land of major jet lag and post vacation depression!  I'm telling you, post travel depression is real!  I'm already thinking and scheming about our next trip just to cure me of this disease.  

After traveling halfway around the world with 3 flights totaling 20 hours, I learned a little about what I needed and didn't need while cooped up on an airplane. With a 6-year-old asking every 10 minutes when we'd be there, I nearly wasn't sure if we were truly going to make it home alive or not.  I will definitely need to do a whole post just on how we survived with him but I digress.  Today, I thought I'd share with you what I packed in my carry on to make myself as comfortable as possible.  I certainly wish someone would have shared this wisdom with me, so I thought I'd share what I learned with you all so you don't forget that essential piece next time you find yourself on a looooong flight!  

What to Pack in Your Carry-On for a Long Flight

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Rolling Bag: I hunted up and down for just the right size of a rolling bag to fit under the seat.  It never fails that those cute shoulder bags or even backpacks get heavy and weigh me down leaving me with a stiff back for days.  This roller is awesome!  It has all kinds of pockets and has a long enough retractable handle for even someone as tall as me.  I wish it came with a different color liner other than the purple, but it served every function I wanted. 

Inflatable Pillow: I like this pillow simply for the fact that it could be deflated and thrown into my bag.  Also given that you inflate it yourself, you can adjust the comfort level.

Beats Headphones: I know this is an investment, but after using poor headphones and literally borrowing these from my daughter, I will be buying my own pair.  Hint: they also serve as a way to cancel out the noise. 

Portable Charger: A portable charger is great for when you have exhausted your battery and need a recharge.  Some flights now have a USB for charging, but since my experience was with a broken one, I won't be forgetting this next time!  

Travel Document Holder: This nifty little wallet holds your passport, id, and travel documents safe and secure.  It keeps everything neat and all in one place.

Lip Balm: Lip balm can help avoid dry lips when traveling.

Kleenex: I always need a tissue and sometimes the bathroom is not accessible. 

Hand cream: I love this hand cream because it is so absorbing and really moisturizes your skin.

Facial Wipes: If you are flying overnight, you may consider bringing your facial wipes to wipe your makeup off before attempting to sleep!

Fuzzy Socks: For any long flight, I always like to take off my shoes. These fuzzy socks keep my feet warm.

Scarf   Winter Scarf/ Blanket: I cannot go without a scarf on a long plane ride.  It keeps you warm and doubles as a blanket for sleeping.

Hand Sanitizer: Always take hand sanitizer because planes are not known to be the cleanliest vessels. 

Magnolia Journal : I always take a slew of magazines and books for long flights.

Snacks: Stock up on snack bars for a long flight.  You may prefer those to the meals they offer.  If you haven't tried these blueberry Luna Bars, oh my!  You definitely need to give them a try!

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To life feeling like home!




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  3. Emily says:

    I agree that post-travel depression is real! It took me a while to adjust to coming back from Kauai and it wasn’t all jet-lag related! I always like to see what other people prefer to travel with; and I agree with you on so many of these. I’ve never had a neck pillow for flying, but on those long flights, they’d really be nice!

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