Thrift Store Throwdown: Challenge Accepted!

Hello!  It's good to be back after a little short break for me.  I hope you all enjoyed a post from Cally on Friday!  She definitely got me thinking about planning my next vacation and heading up to the coast of Maine!  Didn't that just sound fantastic?  I was gone for a few days celebrating my husband's birthday with a couples weekend trip to Put In Bay.  If you haven't heard of Put it Bay, it's an island in Lake Erie which is known for live music, restaurants, and outdoor activities.  They also happened to be celebrating Christmas in July, so it was a festive and fun weekend all around.

Today, we are picking up with our Thrift Store Throwdown Challenge!  I am excited to show you the results of my thrift store box.  Looking back, this was the box of items I received. I also introduced you to the talented, Salvage Sister and Mister duo that sent me these “goodies.”  You can catch up here.


I was thrilled when I received my box to see that I had a variety of items to choose from.  It was not required to use every item for our challenge and I did not.  What I did use, I think you'll like, though!  Should we see?

#1 Wood Challis

I saw potential in this item right away!  It was the perfect size to hold lots of little treasures, so I just had to look around and see what was needed.  In our entryway, I have an antique chest from my grandparents.  I use it for purse storage amongst other things.  You can see more about that organizational project here.  Though it's organized on the inside, the top often is a gathering spot for random things including sunglasses.  I decided to paint the wooden challis and make it a sunglasses holder.  It's the perfect depth and holds 3 pairs comfortably.  I love how it turned out with white chalk paint and a #5 stenciled on it.  I often choose the #5 in our decor because we're a family of five.  After paint and stenciling, I distressed it to give it an aged look and it was a chic and stylish place to stash those glasses.

Sunglass Storage from a Wooden Challis by Sunglass Storage from a Wooden Challis by Sunglass Storage from a Wooden Challis by Sunglass Storage from a Wooden Challis by

#2 Wooden Paddle

Since I was going with a chalk paint, number, and stencil theme, I went ahead and did the same technique to the paddle I received.  After distressing it, I added a leather cording tied in a knot on the top.  I have a whole basket of cutting boards I display on my counter top and this one fits right in with those (as decoration only).

Wooden paddle makeover using chalk paint and a stencil by Wooden paddle makeover using chalk paint and a stencil by Wooden paddle makeover using chalk paint and a stencil by

#3 Embroidery Hoop

For this item, I decided to use it to make an art piece.  Using felt I had left over from this project, I made felt flowers in a variety of circle sizes, cut the edges using pinking shears, and glued them alongside felt leaves.  I then hand stitched buttons to the centers of each flower to complete the look.

Embroidery Hoop Art with Felt Flowers by Embroidery Hoop Art with Felt Flowers by Embroidery Hoop Art with Felt Flowers by Embroidery Hoop Art with Felt Flowers by Embroidery Hoop Art with Felt Flowers by

I was really wanting to do something super creative with the duck box but decided not too.  I did a little research and found out that it actually is a nut cracker!  You lift the handle and as you bring it down, it cracks the shell.  I saw some being sold on eBay and wasn't sure I should mess with it since it has a slight value.  One idea I received from a fellow blogger friend was to make it into a rolling children's toy by adding wheels on it and a string.  Darling idea, so I may just do that when I find the right time to make a gift for someone's child.

Are you ready to see what my fellow blogging buddies did with their items?  I know I am!

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To life feeling like home!


  1. Jill Everson says:

    this is interesting… I think I can do the painting part, thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. Stephanie says:

    You had quite a collection of items to choose from! I love the felt flower art you created! So cute!!

  4. I had a to do a double take to see where the cup came from. It looks so good painted now. The hoop art is really cute too. You did a great job with what you had!!

  5. Felt is one of my favorite crafting supplies and I love your embroidery hoop! I’ve got a large quilting hoop from my grandmother that would be super cute filled with felt flowers. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  6. Jeannee says:

    I think all your projects were beautiful! The embroidery hoop was so lovely! The chalice and “wood paddle” fit right in with your decor! Great job!

  7. Rachel says:

    I love the new wooden challis. 5 is one of my favorite numbers too!

  8. Deborah says:

    Awe. It’s so neat seeing what your did with these. GREAT JOB!!!!!

    • Amy says:

      Thank you for organizing this challenge, Deborah! What a fun experience! You gave me wonderful items to work with and I still have plans for some of them like the clipboard that I ran out of time to finish. 🙂

  9. Randi says:

    Those are all such great transformations. I really love the challis upcycled to a sunglasses holder. Super cute idea!

  10. Wow, amazing transformations! LOVE the idea of using the challis to hold sunglasses, AND the styling of the dresser! Makes me wish I had room for a dresser in our entry. :). The felt flowers are adorable too!

    • Amy says:

      Thank you, Kimm! I was so pleased when I put that dresser there. It hasn’t moved since! Thanks for your sweet words. Can’t wait to see what everyone else did also!

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  12. Great ideas! I just found the perfect chest of drawers for my entryway. I love it. No more clutter—except for the sunglasses. The wooden challis is perfect. I just might steal that idea! Have a great week. ~Courtney

    • Amy says:

      Thank you, Courtney! So far, It’s been working great! I can’t wait to make it around to everyone else. What a fun challenge!

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