Updating a Glass & Metal Coffee Table Using Rub-N-Buff

I've been looking for a new coffee table in my TV room since our Turkish rug arrived.  I finally found one on Facebook Marketplace which just needed a little update using Rub-N-Buff.

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Our TV room has a large gallery wall and our new gorgeous rug which we purchased while vacationing in Turkey.  Along with those items, it has a lot of furniture and seating.  With two major focal points in addition to a tv and a fireplace, this room could look a little chaotic. I've been checking out small glass coffee tables online.  We have two striped ottomans which serve as a coffee table or place to rest your feet for one of the couches, the other couch had my scalloped cream table. Though I adored this table, I've been thinking about replacing it with something that visually blends in without drawing attention to itself, but also will allows you to see through it to the more fabulous and appealing view of my new rug.

New Glass & Metal Coffee Table Updated with Rub-N-Buff

There are so many great choices out there when it comes to glass and metal coffee tables.  I however am thrifty and found one on Facebook Marketplace that was the right size and details, just not the metal color I was going for.

Click the pictures to view some of the choices I fell in love with while shopping online.

I love a tarnished antique brass versus a shiny brass.  The table I found was $30, but was a silver metal.  If you've never used Rub-N-Buff, it is a great way to update a piece of furniture, picture frame, or other decor piece to a metallic finish. It's so easy to apply. Just rub onto any surface with finger or soft cloth, then buff to a beautiful luster. The color I chose to use was called Antique Brass (LINK). It goes on smoothly and you do not need to use a lot. One little tube was more than enough for my piece.

Here is the table before.

Coffee table before doing the Rub-N-Buff up-cycle project

Using Rub-N-Buff

My Glass & Metal Coffee Table After

I love how it fades away and lets my carpet shine in this space! I may go for a second coat to make it look even more brassy!

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  1. Angela Hickman says:

    Amy- your table turned out amazing!! Looks just perfect in your room. That rug is absolutely beautiful btw- I can see why you would want to showcase it. The table you chose really compliments everything well. Great find!! And thank you for sharing that rub on product you used. So transformative!! Looks great- the whole room. (I especially love the last picture with your dog posing for the camera!! He is too cute also!!) Thanks for sharing…


    • Amy says:

      Thank you, Angela! It might be the easiest update I’ve ever done! It’s great for frames too if you want to change the look of them.

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