My New Turkish Rug

On our recent trip to Turkey, we purchased a handmade Turkish rug!

I can't wait to show you how beautiful this piece of art is in our home! 

I knew that Turkey was famous for their handwoven carpets. Before traveling, I did quite a bit of research so that I would understand more about them and have the knowledge to work with.

 I hope you were able to follow along with our trip. It was incredible!  I will soon do a post about it, but I did save a Highlight on Instagram (LINK) you can check out right now. 

What makes a Turkish Rug special?

Turkish rugs are double-knotted. Each piece of yarn is looped twice through the weft, making the rug sturdier and more durable. Rugs elsewhere are tied with a single fiber per vertical thread. Turkish rugs can be made of silk, wool, or a wool-and-cotton blend.

Buying a Turkish Carpet in Turkey

Buying a rug in Turkey is quite an experience.  When you enter a rug store, they will usher you into a room where they serve you Turkish tea and drinks for you to enjoy as they bring the rugs out for viewing and explain the carpet making process.  It's fun and informative. If you are thinking of purchasing, be ready to negotiate. They expect that you will.  Once a purchase is made, they will celebrate with you by bringing out the champagne and getting pictures together.

Buying a Turkish Carpet in Turkey, White Cottage Home & Living Buying a Turkish Carpet in Turkey, White Cottage Home & Living

I even got a magic carpet ride!

Buying a Turkish Carpet in Turkey, White Cottage Home & Living

What rug did we buy?

There were so many wonderful choices and it was difficult to decide.  I knew it would be an investment piece that I would keep and pass down through the family.  I wanted one that would fit with our style/ home for years to come. 

Buying a Turkish Carpet in Turkey, White Cottage Home & Living

Here it is!

Turkish Rug~ White Cottage Home & Living Turkish Rug~ White Cottage Home & Living

It is the perfect mix of neutrals and green.  One side shows more green which is what we are going to use, the other side more blue.  I'm told our rug took 3 years to make!  


It was shipped to us Fed Ex and arrived just as we were told a few weeks after our trip.  


I have bought a rug pad to go under it and will take more pictures after I get it all set up in the living room, but couldn't wait to show you just how stunning it is!

I am so happy with the. color, quality, and overall experience!

Have you heard of Turkish rugs?  Do you own one of your own? I'd love to hear more about your experience!



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  8. Lynda says:

    The rug is simply stunning! Looks beautiful in your room. It sounds like quite the experience. Very special and something that can be handed down for generations.

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