Winter Favorites in Fashion & Home

Winter is all about cozy items for both your wardrobe and your home!  Come see my favorites this season.

The winter season can be seemingly endless days of cold and gray.  I may not enjoy the weather, but I do love the cold weather wardrobe and all the items that make your home a cozy space. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite items this season.

Cozy Winter Fashion/ Beauty

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I really love this colorful sweater from Madewell. It is one of the coziest sweaters I have ever worn and the cheery stripes make me happy even on the grayest days! This boatneck ribbed sweater from Gap is by far one of the warmest sweaters I’ve owned.  It’s my go-to for hockey games! My favorite jeggings are from AE and I find myself going back to them time and time again.  They are not only comfy but also pair well with my cozy sweaters. For shoes my favs are my Sperry Duck Boots.  I love the wool shaft on these.  They are cute with sweaters and jeans and waterproof!

Some of my go-to beauty products this season are all about moisturizing!  Some of my favorites are Kiehls Midnight Serum.  I also really like this Rosewater Spray from Mario Batescu. It is not only refreshing but smells great.  This clay mask is great for clearing winter skin break outs. 

And one of my new favorite hair tools is this dryer/ volumizer from Revlon.  I usually don’t get real excited about these instruments because either they don’t seem to work or you could say it is user error, but this one is a keeper!  I LOVE it. It not only dries your hair but the paddle brush is easy to use and gives your hair the perfect blow out!

Winter Home Decor Favorites

Start with a good book!  Home Body by Joanna Gaines is definitely a must read for any home decor enthusiast.  It has beautiful pictures and practical advice for redesigning your space and finding your style.

A scented candle always warms my mood.  These Elevation Candles from Yankee Candle are perfect.  They smell amazing and the lid tucks under it to form a base or platform for the candle.  One of my favorite scents is this Velvet Woods. Super pretty!

Need an update in your decor?  White Cottage Home has some cute vintage decor pieces that will add all kinds of fun and personalization to your space.  Visit the shop and use code: WINTER20 for 20% off a discount on your purchases.

What are some of your favorites this season?

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