You’ve Been BOOed! & BOO-zed!

There is a custom in our neighborhood of “BOOing!” people around Halloween. This has become a really fun tradition for our children each year. They can hardly wait to see the first white ghosts appear in people's windows for this means the “BOOing” is back. Well recently, I came across a Pinterest post that I just loved; a take on “BOOing,” but for adults, “You've been BOO-zed!”

We decided to start this tradition along with the traditional version. Why should the kids have all the fun?!

First up was shopping for the “BOO” items.  We decided to do JoAnn Fabrics.

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Here are some of the great items we found.  I like to include some crafts and a thing or two for mom in my boo basket.  Most of the items are in- store only items: candy corn candle, pumpkin stickers, bat wooden craft, cat fuse bead kit, Pez dispensers, pumpkin hand towel, cupcake liners and candy.IMG_5491BOO basket complete:


Here is where you can find the “You've been BOOed” papers to include in your basket.

Next, for the BOO-zed ghost, I found these great labels from Martha Stewart crafts at JoAnn's.  I covered the current label on the wine bottle, made a little ghost and attached it with a ribbon around the neck.

I think these wine labels are great!  They came in a pack of 6 and are adhesive.  I can't wait to use these at an upcoming Halloween party!  So fun.

Here is where you can find the “You've been BOO-zed” papers to include with your basket.

The key to a good “BOOing” is to be incognito……..

What a great way to get in on the holiday fun!  And there is still time, so get on out there and Boo and Booze those neighbors and start a new tradition!


To life feeling like home!


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