$100 Room Challenge: Chair Makeover

A thrift store chair gets a makeover to add seating in my entryway!

I introduced you to the concept of the $100 room challenge a couple weeks ago.  You can read all about my project room here, (LINK) and see last week’s post, here (LINK). I have large goals for my small space foyer and I am hoping to get it all accomplished for just $100.  This week, I found a chair at the thrift store for $5!  Yes, $5.  With such a limited budget, I was thrilled to find something solid wood and in good shape.  

I love the details on it, but as you can probably guess, the fabric needs to go!

Thrift Store Chair Makeover with Fabric

If you've never reupholstered anything before, then a wood chair would be the easiest project for you to start with!  It's actually quite simple.  Let me show you how I updated this chair in a few simple minutes! The first step is choosing your fabric. You want upholstery style fabric which is a little thicker than cotton. It will wear better on your chair. I picked out a blue and cream check. 

The seat of your chair is most likely screwed in from underneath. Unscrew it and remove it from the base.

I left the old fabric on. You can remove it and might want too if there are several layers. Otherwise, you can just staple right over it. 
In this YouTube video (LINK), you can see a more detailed description of how to staple fabric on especially tucking the corners for a smooth look. I’m thrilled with the result! I originally was going to paint the chair, but once I got home with it, I realized the wood tones worked beautifully with other elements in my home.

Let’s take a look again at the goals for this space!


#1 Add more functional elements; hooks for guests to hang their coats, purses or a chair to take shoes on/ off.

#2 New rug to anchor the space

#3 Artwork and new decor 

#4 Wall treatment of some kind to differentiate this space from the surrounding area.

I’m so happy to check this goal off my list!  I will continue posting updates once a week so, I hope you’ll join me in following along!


$60- Rug

$5- Chair

$10- Fabric

Total: $75

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  1. What an amazing find for $5! And I love the fabric you chose. What a perfect way to update something that many would pass by.

  2. lia says:

    Ohh I love that fabric choice! I can’t wait to see the reveal!

  3. Nice job in adding the new fabric for the cushion for the chair, easy fix and you created a beautiful chair.

  4. Love your fabric choice- just lovely. Your space is going to be lovely

  5. Tammy says:

    Amy I love that fabric! I just put navy buffalo check in my kitchen. I think it’s my new favorite. I can’t wait to see what your room looks like!

  6. Tracy says:

    I love the lines of the chair!!

  7. I have used the same material to recover our bar stools in the kitchen. It certainly changed the look of my stools like it did your thrift store chair. Can’t wait to see what else you do in your foyer.

  8. I love that checked fabric it will look amazing on the chair. Wonderful choice my friend!

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