Denim Styles Deconstructed

I had promised a post ages ago about denim styles, so here we go.  It can often be confusing figuring out what all these different style names mean: deconstructed, skinny, straight, boyfriend, wide leg/ flare, boot cut or coated. For some, this can be just plain overwhelming. Then you add in that certain types of shoes look better with certain denim styles and not others, well, then we can all just plain give up.

I will attempt to describe each style and show you a visual example.  Hopefully, this will help next time you shop for denim.

1. Deconstructed

This style has rips or tears in the legs and pockets. This is a very popular style now and looks great paired with boots, flats or even dressed up with heels.


2. Skinny

Skinny styles taper from the knee to the ankle. These can be tight like leggings (called “jeggings”) or simply skinny to the ankle. These are my favorite style and look good with flats, tall or ankle boots or heels.


3. Straight

Straight leg styles do not taper like the skinny style but instead, follow straight from knee to ankle. These are best suited with flats or heels. It's harder to pull these off with tall boots because they'll bunch up due to the excess fabric.  If you try these with boots, boot socks or “pegging” your jeans like we did in the 80's helps keep them in place.



4. Boyfriend

The boyfriend style is fairly new. These jeans are wider through the thigh and leg. They can also be deconstructed or faded. They are best worn rolled around the ankle. Shoes to pair with these are flats, heels or ankle boots.


5. Wide- Leg/ Flare

Wide leg styles have been around a long time and have varied from the 70's bell bottoms to the more moderately wide leg or flare jean of today. The thigh is tight and the width increases from knee to ankle. Another wide leg version is wide from the hip to the ankle. These jeans look especially cute with a peasant top or a tee shirt and blazer. You can easily pull these off with a variety of shoe styles such as wedges, sandals, flats, or heels. Boots do not work well with this style.


6. Boot cut

Bootcut jeans are tight through the knee with a slight flare at the ankle. These are particularly cute with a tucked in blouse and skinny belt. Shoe styles that work best are


7.  Coated

Coated jeans have a waxy sheen to them which dresses them up. If black, they will look similar to leather. These are skinny legged and give an outfit an edgier style that even the average person can pull off. Pair these with oversized sweaters or a silk blouse for evening. Flats, heels and ankle boots look best.


Do you have a favorite style or brand of denim that you find yourself reaching for time and time again?

I tend to wear the skinny and deconstructed styles, but am looking into trying a pair of coated jeans this winter.

To life feeling like home!


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