Highlights from 2014 and Goals for 2015

Yesterday I told you about how 2014 was a year of change for my family. One of the biggest changes for my husband and I was turning 40! Determined not to dwell on the negative, we went all out and made it a celebration we would never forget. Greg immortalized it with a once in a lifetime trip hiking rim to rim of the Grand Canyon with his buddies. The spouses were relieved that no one had to be helicoptered out. No, but seriously, it was a great accomplishment!image

Las Vegas was the final destination where we celebrated our birthdays with friends. It was seriously an awesome time which we'll never forget!image imageimageOther highlights of 2014:

image image image image image image imageimageimageimage

So with 2015 upon us, I'm going to set some monthly goals.

Goal Setting to me is a way to prompt me into trying something new or disciplining myself to stick with something.  For me, it's all about having it written down on paper.  I am a list maker at heart and enjoy crossing things off.  It's a sense of accomplishment.  I've even been known to write something on a list that I've already done, just so I can have the thrill of marking it off. Any one else with me on that?

So here goes for January.

January Goals:

1. Update/ organize Christmas cards and list

*I'm going to update addresses and put together prayer ring.

2. Organize wrapping paper & supplies

*I need to sort and create a better wrapping and gift bag system.

3. Plan & execute Russian Festivus

*Greg and I host a Russian meal for friends every January.

4. Put together a household binder

*I need a way of cataloging important household documents.

5. Try out Blue Apron meal delivery service

*My good friend, Kris, gave me 3 free meals from Blue Apron. I can't wait to try them out!

I will update you on how my list crossing off goes throughout this month. Let us know if you have any goals you are working on this month.

To life feeling like home!



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