Let’s Talk about Kitchen Plans!

Today I’m going to share all about our kitchen renovation plans! Our goal is a white & bright cottage kitchen! 

I've shown you some of the kitchen updates on my Insta Stories.  We gutted our kitchen before even moving in.  My hope was to move the process along and to get the demo phase done before moving in furniture.  

It's been three weeks since we took this space down to the bare bones and started patching drywall and putting in the new flooring.  

The old kitchen was not very functional.  The L shape had very little counterspace and  the counters, cabinets, and flooring were original to our 1960's build.  Someone had updated the cabinets with antique glazing somewhere along the way which was not a great look.  The counters and floors were a range of pinks.  Needless to say, it needed a little help.  Even the appliances were cracked and broken.  

I've actually never done a full kitchen reno so this is going to be fun!  My goal with the space is to increase the amount of cabinetry, add organization, and open it up to a better flow with the family room space.  

How am I going to do this?

Kitchen Plans for a White & Bright Cottage Kitchen

  • White kitchen cabinets accented with a couple of gray cabinets for the sink, range and hutch.  I purchased my cabinets at Home Depot and will share more on those as we move along
  • Mostly lower cabinets with open shelving
  • A range hood stained a weathered brown/ gray
  • Gray concrete tile on the floor
  • White countertops
  • A vintage island
  • A farmhouse sink
  • Dedicated coffee bar and beverage bar area
  • Small peninsula with stools

We opted to not have an eat in area and instead added a peninsula for stools.  Our dining room is right next door and we will eat our meals there.  I wanted to add more cabinetry and draw the space out and make it flow better with the step down family room.  I think having a table blocks the space and just doesn't work well.  

Here are some pictures of the before space.

Before photos of our kitchen remodelFloors, electrical, and plumbing are done.  We are waiting on delivery of the cabinets which should happen any day now!

If you read about our Good, Bad & Ugly Moving, I’m happy to report we have heat, hot water, and the electrical issue seems to be mended. We are still working on the leak but making progress!

You can see our New House Tour HERE.

UPDATE: Come see the White Cottage Kitchen Renovation Reveal!

To life feeling like home!




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  3. Thanks! Many home remodeling projects require permits, even something as simple as building a deck. But you can, of course, get a permit yourself to do the remodel job in your house 🙂

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  6. Portella says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing! How long does a full renovation usually take?

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    Thank you for sharing the great kitchen options that you have chosen.

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