My Favorite Secondhand Finds of 2020

With the world shut down for a good portion of 2020, not a ton of shopping in person took place, but I did manage to update a few spaces in our home and today I'm sharing my favorite furniture and decor finds I scored from thrifting/ antiquing!

My list includes a mix of home decor, glassware, and furniture pieces I scored

Favorite Secondhand Finds of 2020

These are in no particular order!

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Wool Rug for my entryway: purchased on Facebook Marketplace for $60

This rug was an absolute steal.  I was in need of something durable for our entryway since this is an area which gets a lot of foot traffic.  A wool rug will hold up well.  You can. see the full entryway makeover and how I completed it for under $100 in this post (LINK).

Wool Rug for $100 Room Challenge~ White Cottage Home & Living$100 Room Challenge Entryway~ White Cottage Home & Living

Blue & White Chinoiserie Pieces: bought on Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, and antique stores.  Prices range from a few dollars to $100 depending on the sizes.

I really got into adding pops of blue to my decor this last year.  I accumulated many chinoiserie pieces throughout 2020 to fill cabinets and dress up vignettes throughout my home. You can see more in these YouTube videos; 3 Tips to Displaying Collections Throughout Your Home (LINK) and Before & After Library/ Living Room Reveal (LINK).

Side Table: bought in a booth at an Antique booth for $40.

I had gone a little wild with the painted furniture and for me, I was wanting to reverse that and add a few warm wood pieces to my space to add contrast.  This side table was one of those finds that I just loved exactly like it was.  It needed no paint and I love the detail on the legs.

Secondhand Pieces I purchased in 2020~ White Cottage Home & Living

Two Drawer Drop Leaf Side Table: bought at a consignment furniture store for $65

This piece has all kinds of vintage charm from the drop leaf sides to the scrolled legs!  Another beautiful find that did not need one bit of updating.  The drawers are perfect to store a magazine, coloring book, or novel that I can grab and read with a cup of coffee.

Secondhand Pieces I purchased in 2020~ White Cottage Home & Living

Oil Painting: bought in a booth at an Antique Mall for $40

I love vintage artwork.  It adds so much personality to your space.  There are so many styles and options readily available at antique and thrift stores.  A lot are originals signed by the artists.  Most are not worth much, only to those who appreciate them.  This particular piece spoke to me because of the colors.  The greens and blues look lovely in my family room space, so this piece is now on my mantel.

Secondhand Pieces I purchased in 2020~ White Cottage Home & Living

Bead Edge (Boopie) Glassware: bought at a flea market for $10 for a set of 8.  I also found some at a thrift store for $.50 a piece. I have managed to accumulate several different sizes now. I've seen a set of 6 of these going on websites for as much as $90! Here's a few sets on Etsy (LINK), (LINK), (LINK) that aren't that much!. 

Why have boring old glassware when there are so many beautiful vintage finds you can mix and match?! I just loved the detail on these pretty little glasses, so bye bye my generic Target glasses, these beauties moved in and are adding a fun little detail to our daily place settings.

Secondhand Pieces I purchased in 2020~ White Cottage Home & Living Secondhand Pieces I purchased in 2020~ White Cottage Home & Living

Glass Cabinet: bought on Facebook Marketplace for $225.  This was a splurge piece for me, but I have been looking for exactly this kind of piece for awhile and when I saw it, I had to have it.  It's well worth the price.  I am showcasing it in our front library room which is right off the entryway.  Housed in my new blue and white collection, it is stunning!  

As you can see by frequenting a variety of different venues, I purchased some amazing pieces for great prices!  What is one of your favorite finds from 2020? I'd love to hear! 


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