Decorating with All Things Green

I have always used green in my decor.  It is a beautiful and incredibly versatile shade.  There is a range of hues from earthy to bold and bright.  

From walls to furniture to accessories, there are endless ways to sprinkle green into your home. It is both a trendy color, but also very traditional.  It brings the outdoors in and is fresh and very easy to live with. 

Depending on your mood, you can go all out and paint green walls, incorporate green furniture, or simply start with adding accent pillows or decor in green hues. From pastels to jewel tones, green is an easy color to decorate with.

Depending on the shade you choose, green can be very warm or cool, subtle or bright.  In deciding to add green, you need to consider the amount of natural light your space receives and the overall color palette of the space.  Green is so popular because it does coordinate with other colors so well.  Paired with black and white it is a very classic look and looks great in almost any home.  On the other hand, green paired with bold colors like orange can give your room an eclectic or more vintage vibe.

Whatever shade or palette you chose, green is a good decorating choice!

Decorating with Green

Using Green in Your Decor~ White Cottage Home & Living

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Here are a few examples of green used in my home!

Updating my Coffee Station with Removable Wallpaper (LINK)

Updating a Coffee Station Using Removable Wallpaper~ White Cottage Home & Living

Tour of the Dining Room with Fall Touches (LINK)

Fall Dining Room Tour with Vintage Touches ~ White Cottage Home & Living

Updating a Powder Room with a Rich Bold Green Paint (LINK)

Rick Bold Powder Room~ White Cottage Home & Living

Want to add green in your decor?  I've rounded up a whole lot of green to get you started!  Click on the pictures below to shop!

Green Decor

Green Furniture

Green Wallpaper & Paint

Green Rugs

Green In The Kitchen

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