Organizational Projects to Check Off Your To-Do List

Whenever a new year comes, I always put together a list of goals these goals can be anything from personal goals to home related goals.  On that list are always some organizational goals because let's face it, things tend to fall apart throughout the year!  Even with the best intentions in mind, I get busy and organization is the first thing that falls to the side.  Throughout my blogging time, I have tackled some major organizational projects and I thought it would be fun to put them all together in one post for you to reference.  If you are looking for any weekend projects, I would start right here with this list.  I promise you'll feel good if you can check any of these off your to-do list!

Organizational Projects to Check Off Your To-Do List

{To take you to each full project post, click on the pictures.  Also, consider pinning them for later!} 

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1. Clean Out Your Refrigerator- unfortunately, this is not a one time and your done kind of project.  Plan on doing a light cleaning every time you get groceries and follow up with a big clean out seasonally.  In this post, I share an easy way to line your shelves to keep them clean, a printable leftovers checklist, and a homemade deodorizer recipe.

2. Organize your files- oh man, my household paperwork multiplies overnight!  In this project, you will see how I took two file drawers down to one and organized each and every file with only the necessities.  Get your paper shredder charged up!

3. Gift Wrap/ Bag Organization- especially after the holidays, my gift wrap and gift bags are a mess.  I have so many presents to wrap that things don't get put back in any order.  I spent time organizing my gift wrap, bags, and tissue paper into some semblance of order. 

4. Create a Recipe Book– This project was probably the most time consuming, but truly most worthwhile in the long run.  I took literally every recipe I owned~ paper, magazine, old notecard and rewrote them and organized them in a binder.  I got rid of old cookbooks and any that I did not make or think I would make in the future.  I use this book now faithfully. 


5. Greeting Card Organizer- Another thing that was in a total jumble was my cards.  I bought cards ahead for birthdays and holidays, threw them in a box and then forgot I bought them.  I finally took the time to organize them and separate them by categories.

6. Purse Organization– I like to change out my purses for different outfits and it was always a big hassle because my contents were not organized well.  I took everything out of my purse, sorted it and organized the items I needed into pouches which can then easily be moved to another purse in a snap.

7. Put Together a Household Binder- I took all the paperwork that I need on a daily or monthly basis such as calendars, school information, contacts etc. and organized them into one handy binder for easy access.

8. Organized Nail Kit- Nail polishes and all the goodies for doing a manicure are easily stored in one kit with this simple nail kit organization.

9. Closet Clean Out- Cleaning out your closet and organizing it is an ongoing project.  I like to tackle this every change of the season so I can clear out clothing not worn and donate or sell.  In this post, I give you tips on organizing and a step by step guide to beginning the project.

10. Small Bathroom Organization- I organized my kids small bathroom with simple strategies and supplies so they could access what they need under the sink and put things away easily when they are done. 

11. Craft Supply Dresser- I am constantly reaching for a craft supply and can't find it.  I decided to purge and organize my supplies into one dresser.  See how I did it!

12. Drawer Organization- I used the Kon Mari method to organize my socks and underwear drawers.  I love how they turned out and still utilize this method today.

Are you ready to tackle some organizational projects now?  

To life feeling like home!



  1. Kelly says:

    So many great ideas, Amy! The refrigerator is actually on my to-do list this weekend!

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