Spring Wardrobe Refresh with Clarks

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Today I have teamed up with Clarks to bring you a fun post about refreshing your wardrobe for spring!  I'm all about spring- cleaning around the house, I love puttering around and dusting my knick knacks and deep cleaning my refrigerator and other appliances.  However, when it comes to my closet, I always feel a sense of dread. I think that's because I get overwhelmed when I think of the amount of work it takes to switch my closet out seasonally. When this happens, I realize right away it's because I have way more than what I need and the thought of sorting and paring down is overwhelming!  I have been on a constant journey of simplifying my wardrobe and really only keeping those items which I know I'll wear, reflect my personal style, and are comfortable and versatile, but it takes continually diligence to accomplish this feat.

Let's talk a little about some of my favorite tricks for maximizing your wardrobe with less.  

1. A purchase should only be made when you need something specific to fill in a gap in your wardrobe.

2. Pieces within your wardrobe should do double duty.  Think versatility!

3. Choose quality over quantity.

4. It should reflect your personal style and look.

5. You should feel good in it!

Clothing for Spring Refresh by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com Closet Clean Out and Organization by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com

One of the areas I really need to look at simplifying is my shoes.  I have a shoe for every possible activity: shoes that I only wear on special occasions, shoes that I wear with skirts, running shoes and running errand shoes, shoes that only work with that extra long pair of denim, and the list goes on and on…… Can anyone out there relate?

Well, enough is enough.

Closet shoe Clean Out by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com

There have to be shoes that work for a variety of situations!!  I know that many of you, like me, are used to running from one activity to the next and needing something comfy, yet stylish to wear throughout the day.  I'm telling you that I found them and once you try them yourself you will definitely agree!

They are Clarks Cloud Steppers.

These flats literally hug my feet!  They are the comfiest shoes I own and I literally will not be taking these off…. ever!  I understand completely why these are called, Cloud Steppers because I feel like I am walking on clouds!  Another thing I've found from wearing them is there is no break in period.  I put them on and haven't felt any uncomfortable rubbing on my skin or my foot sliding around.  They are bendy and ready to wear when you take them out of the box.

Clarks Cloud Steppers are versatile shoes by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com Clarks Cloudsteppers are comfy and versatile shoes by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com Clarks cloud stepper for versatile shoes with comfort by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com Clarks cloud stepper shoes for versatility by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com Clarks are comfortable and versatile shoes by www.whitecottagehomeandliving.com

Let's talk about these shoes.

They are cushiony, bendable, lightweight and super stretchy.  I put them on for the first time and was really not sure I would ever wear anything else. The thing is, they have this cushioned sole which is just simply amazing.  They are lightweight, versatile and perfect for any occasion.  I can safely say that my running errand shoes, my only with denim shoes, my summer skirt shoes and my all- around everyday shoes are now one in the same…. Cloud Steppers!!

Out of all the styles, my favorites are the Sillian Jetay because of the leather upper, which will make them great for year round, use! Aren't those orange ones just the cutest?  I can't wait to pair those with a cute summer dress or a bright floral top.

Aren't those orange ones just the cutest?  I can't wait to pair those with a cute summer dress or a bright floral top.

I love that I can get one shoe that serves many purposes yet feels stylish and chic with anything I wear.

Thank you Clarks for partnering with me on this post!

To life feeling like home!


  1. Pam Kessler says:

    Those Cloud Steppers look so comfy! And very cute too!

  2. Lynn Spencer says:

    Amy, oh my heaven, my mom just bought a pair of the blue cloud steppers and I tried them on…heavenly and so darn cute to boot! The perfect shoe for spring and summer and travelling. I know you are going to enjoy them so much.

  3. I love my Clark’s! They last forever and so comfy too.

  4. Loving those shoes!!!!!! I love comfy shoes for any season, but all of these make great transitions from spring to summer too. 🙂

  5. Ariel says:

    I saw a friend wearing these the other day! Didn’t know they were cloud steppers! Tres chic!

  6. Carrie says:

    Love the blue!! Where do I find them??

  7. kris kuderer says:

    Thanks for sharing this – I have several pairs of Clarks – they tend to be timeless. It looks like it’s time for me to update with a pair of the gray Cloud Steppers!

  8. Roseann says:

    Absolutely LOVE Clark’s shoes. The orange ones are so cute!

  9. Clarks have been a favorite of mine for years; especially in the summer – I love their wedges because they are stylish yet so comfortable. I will definitely be shopping for a pair of these new CloudSteppers! I really like the grey pair in your photos – which style is this?

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