Tips on Hanging a Gallery Wall

I love the look of a gallery wall, but sometimes they can be overwhelming to get started.  Today, I'll share some tips on how to make them look their best. 

There's really nothing that makes quite the same impact in a space as a gallery wall!  A gallery wall not only serves to liven up a space, but adds tons of personality and uniqueness to your home.  No two are alike!  The fun of it is there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing the perfect display. Putting together your own can stretch your decorating wings a bit, but this isn't a reason to avoid one. Today, I'm sharing some of my personal tips to help you create your own at home and before you know it, you will have to stop yourself from putting one on every wall!

4 Tips on Hanging a Gallery Wall

First Decide What Type of Gallery Wall You Want

Suggestions include:

  • Keep all frames cohesive by using the same color palette or tone
  • Use one single color palette for your artwork
  • Include art of all the same type for example; all modern art, a wall of mirrors, silhouettes, or just vintage pieces
  • Every piece is framed to the same size
  • Throw out the rules and create an eclectic mix (my favorite!)

Lay Each Piece on The Floor and Play Around With Your Display

I've heard many different suggestions on how to design your wall.  Some people suggest using painters tape to mark the spots to hang pieces.  Another suggestion is to cut craft paper in your frame sizes and mark them off.  I do not do either of these.  Maybe because I'm lazy or just not as concerned about making a mistake.  A nail hole is pretty easy to fix!  For me, it does help to gather all my pieces and lay them out on the floor.  On the floor, I then mix and match until I get the look I want before hanging.

Start With the Big Stuff

I typically start with my largest piece and work from there.  That doesn't mean it has to be in the middle of the wall, but I do place it first and then work out from there adding my smaller pieces around it.

Even Spacing

Even spacing means to keep items the same distance apart.  Even if items are different sizes, to keep things from looking irregular, measure and set a width of space to maintain between items. 

Where should I use a gallery wall?

Some of my favorite spots are behind a couch, up a staircase, or in a long hall however, you can get creative and tuck them in just about anywhere.

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Travel Gallery Wall (LINK)


Where Do I Get My Gallery Wall Pieces?

This is the good part! You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money to get the look you want.  Shop your local thrift stores for pieces, even just use the frames for your own art if you don't like what comes in it. I shared a post recently with my 5 Favorite Items to hunt for at a thrift store (LINK) that will give you some ideas.  Also consider using your own child's artwork.  Once framed, a child's picture can look like a masterpiece! Another resource is the internet.  There is a ton of websites which are free or a minimal cost to download art or printables.

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Paint By Number Gallery Wall (LINK)

Travel Gallery Wall in a Staircase (LINK)

Eclectic Gallery Wall in Our Family Room (LINK)

I hope I've convinced you today to give a gallery wall a shot.  I think you'll love how creative you can be with your display and how it changes the look of your room!

I’m over the moon to tell you that I started a White Cottage Home & Living YouTube Channel!  I plan to upload at least one video a week.  This is my 2nd video all about gallery walls! I’d love it if you would watch, share, and/or subscribe!  Thank you so much for your continued support of my blog and business! 




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  3. We have a gallery wall but doesn’t look organized. Thanks for these suggestions Amy. Will follow your suggestions and hopefully will get good results! Watched the video with my wife and we learned a lot of new things.

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  5. Ebr Usam says:

    I had a wall in my house that was just begging for the gallery look, but I had always been too intimidated to actually try it out. I finally got the courage to do it and learned some really valuable lessons from your blog. Thanks indeed

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