Month By Month Highlights from 2021

Let's take a look back at 2021 at White Cottage Home & Living!

I always like to start a new year with a quick look back to realize all that's been gained and experienced the year before.  Though in many ways 2021 was a difficult year for most, it did have some highlights.  

January~ Green, Decorating with All Things Green

In January, I started a new color series where I examine how to use a certain color in decor from accessories, to furniture, to walls, we looked at the best practices in incorporating a new color into your home.  I kicked off the season with Green, Decorating with All Things Green (LINK)

Using Green in Your Decor~ White Cottage Home & Living

February~ Fruit Filled Hand Pies for Valentine's Day

In February, I enjoyed trying my hand at making hand pies (LINK)!  These were delicious and absolutely the cutest especially in their heart form for Valentine's Day!

Heart Hand Pies for Valentines Day~ White Cottage Home & Living

March~ Home & Living Seasonal Magazine

As a special treat for my email subscribers in March I hit publish on my first seasonal magazine full of spring decor and lifestyle ideas (LINK)!  I hope you signed up to be apart of the community and enjoyed your seasonal copy!

Home & Living Magazine by White Cottage Home &. Living

April~ I Opened a Booth in an Antique Mall

In April, I took a leap of faith and opened my own booth in Westchester Antique Center here in Cincinnati.  It has been a fun journey that I have been working at monthly since. You can read more about it, here (LINK).

Cottage Home Decor Antique Booth~ White Cottage Home & Living

May~ Springfield Extravaganza Flea Market

In May, I took you along on my first shopping trip for the booth to the Springfield Extravaganza in Springfield, OH (LINK).  It was a gigantic flea market that they host monthly with two extravaganza's a year.  

Springfield Extravaganza Flea Market ~ White Cottage Home & Living

June~ Antique Cabinet Gets a Makeover With Fusion Paint

One of my favorite DIY projects of 2021 was this antique cabinet makeover (LINK). I had never used fusion paint before and believe me, I am now officially hooked!  I loved the ease of the paint and this thrift store cabinet is a gem with a fresh coat of paint. It found its home in the family room corner.

Antique Cabinet Gets a Makeover with Green Fusion Paint

July~ Turkey Adventures 2021

Our family had a once in a lifetime trip to Turkey last summer!  It was definitely a highlight for 2021.  You can read all about our adventure, here (LINK).  My favorite souvenir was a beautiful Turkish rug for our family room!

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

August~ Before & After Exterior Reveal

Over the winter, we had a fun exterior refresh.  A cupola and a horse weathervane (LINK) were added to our garage when we replaced our roof.  It made a huge difference in the character of our exterior ranch home and I love the nod to horses since our oldest, Emma, is a horsey girl.

Exterior Projects on a Ranch Home~ White Cottage Home & Living

September~ Fall Porch With Yellow & Red

I've always wanted a red door for our white cottage home and in September, I pulled the trigger and painted it myself (LINK).  You can see the reveal and how it brightened up my fall porch for fall!

Red Front Door and a bright and cheery fall porch!

October~ Updating a Glass Coffee Table With Rub N Buff

A new coffee table in our family room just needed a little help to give it the look I wanted for our family room. I used rub n buff and updated a metal and glass coffee table to give our new Turkish rug all the attention it deserved. You can see how easy this project was, here (LINK).

Updating a Glass & Metal Coffee Table with Rub-N-Buff

November~ A New Look With Removable Wallpaper

In November, I collaborated with Indigo Design Co. and updated our kitchen and hallway with the most beautiful, high quality removable wallpaper (LINK). What a difference it made and I love it!

New Update With Removable Wallpaper in the Kitchen & Hallway

December~ Elegant Blue Dining Room Reveal

Closing out 2021, I decided our dining room needed a bit more personality!  To accomplish that goal, I had the room painted a rich blue/ green and below the chair rail some wainscoting boxes were added (LINK).  I think this might just be my favorite update of the year!

All in all, I would certainly say it was a good year for our family and for my business.  Thank you for always supporting me and I look forward to what 2022 has in store for us!




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